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Do you want to read more about the (Free?) Will, its psycho-dynamics and find tools to free it?

Then read here my book 
As Free As I Want?
from illusion to absolute freedom


You will find a shorter introduction to the WilCyclus here.


-As Free As I Want-

My Way or the Highway?


The High Way is comfortable. Signs and indicators everywhere. And refreshments along the way.

The Authentic Path is adventurous. No turn signals. Little to no other people. Left to your fate and nature.

The first webinar was about the difference between a Highway existence and the Autonomous path "As Free As I Want?" .

The recording can  you here to look at.

-The Traumatized Will-

Path of Least Resistance

The meaning and impact of Trauma is not always recognized in our 'Highway Society'. On the Authentic Path we actually reflect on the trauma elephant in the room. 

The different forms of trauma will be discussed in the second webinar

'The Traumatized Will'.

The I-split and the destructive effects of trauma on Will development become visible.

You can find the recording of this webinar here.

The full accompanying presentation and underlying notions here.

-The Liberation of the Will-

Liberating the different Uprooted Wills is the focus of the third webinar.

The psychodynamics behind each individual Uprooted Will is exposed.

Tips and tools are also given for dismantling the Uprooted Will. Straight through your fears.

You can find the recording of this webinar here.

-The Spirit of the Will-



After the liberation of the Will, the life energy can flow freely again.

The primal qualities of a Healthy Self emerge: Manifesting and Accepting. Yang energy & Yin energy.  

The Creative and the Accepting Will see the light. The Instinctive Will is eventually dismantled.

What about the Will in the dimensions that transcend our earthly existence?

All this can be seen in the fourth webinar'The Inspiration of the Will'. You will find the recording here.


This special time invites reflection. Fairy tales, myths and legends have helped people through the ages to get 'back on track'. I also wrote a fairy tale more than ten years ago: 'The Tao of a Physicist'.

This fairy tale depicts the development of a scientist's Will. Coincidentally, this scientist's name is Jaap. The fairy tale is more relevant than ever in this time, in which scientists named Jaap dictate our society.


Science has given us many highways and cars. 

At the New Age Consciousness School we inspire to know-create.  
You are cordially invited to the fairy tale here to read.  


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