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Who am I?


My name is Ruud. I've made quite a journey. First many years on the highway. I studied economics and became a banker. Only later did I understand that fear was my driving force in this. I had to dismantle my uprooted wills to get to the core. That meant that I died psychologically several times and had to leave the old behind.

Through my fear I found my own authentic way. I have let go of my safe world to come from the head back to the heart. Along the way I discovered my passion for the human psyche and its connection with nature. My path eventually brought me to Portugal from where I can assist people in finding their Authentic Path.

I feel in my element when life can unfold organically. That is why my guidance is intuitive, spontaneous and playful. At the same time I can be 'dead serious' and very focused when the moment calls for it.


I enjoy interacting with other people. My clients, in addition to the primeval fathers and primeval mothers who crossed my path, have been my great sources of inspiration. My teachers were my partners who confronted me with my shadow sides.

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