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To relate means to be connected. An art of living. We often lose connection along the way. We no longer see or hear each other. Caught in a web of misunderstandings. The connection with ourselves is hard to find. Time to align. To look for your authenticity. And then reconnect from there.



Many relationship patterns originate in childhood. Attachment experiences with parents, or educators, leave deep traces. They later unconsciously influence the choice of a partner. Or in the behavior as a partner. Insecure attachment creates an unsafe relationship. In which you are not yourself. And there is no real contact.



Re-energizing your relationship is priceless. Being Together is fun again. Surprising. You bring out the best in each other. You no longer need superficial occupational therapy.

The price of 299 euros for three alignment sessions of 90 minutes  will therefore pay for itself.  For a stay in Portugal we make a specific appointment.


Space Holding

To dare to be yourself completely, safety and compassion is needed. I offer you this environment. You learn to be vulnerable. Everything can be present. The dark and the light. Your desires and your disgust. The intimacy with yourself grows. A new balance is created between the masculine and the feminine. 


To Re-Late

In Portugal or during the online sessions you will experiment within your relationship andwith authentic behavior. With connecting communication. That is exciting and vulnerable. However, you will have to step over that threshold. Only in this way can your relationship develop and deepen. 


How further?

Your relationship is a living work of art. It will continue to require maintenance. With three sessions you have taken the first step towards a more loving connection.  I remain at your disposal to support you on your love path.

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