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The Authentic Path


Authenticity stands for genuineness and purity. It forms the basis of our relationship with ourselves. When we are honest about our feelings and needs, we are in touch with ourselves and can the environment really get to know us. The Authentic Path is an exciting path. Where the inner authority is leading. And your desire for freedom and autonomy over time will become stronger than your fear.  



My backpack is full of tools and methodologies. But above all, own experiences and a lived vision on Authenticity. I support you to release everything you are still entangled with in a natural way. Life does not want to be controlled. Through this liberating process 'your Will' can finally be done.



Authenticity is priceless. An authentic person lives from abundancy consciousness. You come to appreciate life and your Self. And what you need will manifest itself in abundance. The support you receive from me is therefore an investment in yourself that will pay for itself.

You pay 699 euros for the seven support sessions of one and a half hours. (1 on 1).

The annual training consists of seven three-hour sessions. The price is 699 euros.

Wilde bessen


You can follow the Authentic Path in groups within the annual training, or opt for 1-on-1 guidance. I walk with you seven stages and help you to recognize your (primal) traumas and to overcome your (life) fear. Disconnect you from negative programming and let go of systems that not support you. Liberating your Primal Will, so you will finally manifest what you want.


Inner Work

The essential work takes place between the sessions. You learn to recognize your patterns of 'stunning, avoiding and controlling'. You're going to slow down and come to a stop. Feeling what fears lie underneath. This is a tough process. Which can cause a lot of resistance. This is inevitable. The old dies. And thus makes space for the new.


How further?

Authenticity is our primal state. You can never really lose your authenticity. You may, however, temporarily lose contact. Rediscovering  of your authenticity is a gradual process. In seven sessions you can take a solid step. After that it is a matter of continuing to walk in the right direction. From ego-worth to self-worth. I will remain available to support you even after your first steps.

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