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The Organic Retreat

Connection with your Primeval Nature


Organic Retreat

The 'Organic Retreat' is for you if you feel the inner call to start embodying who you really are. In a beautiful place in the middle of the nature of Central Portugal, all ingredients are present to connect you with your Self. From the Connection with your Self you discover the natural and healthy connection with the world around you. There is no fixed program, but there are elements that you can use. Everything arises in the moment and in interaction with each other.


The elements

You will stay within walking distance of the beautiful river Rio de Zezere. Walks to and around the river are a powerful element during your stay. Waterfalls and winding streams symbolize the flow of life. The air is clean and clear. You will discover the breath as the key to releasing old emotions and letting go of old thoughts. The hills around the river are fertile and you will come to discover the meaning of primeval nutrition. In the course of the stay, the fire in yourself will be fueled and you will come into contact with what you really want.    

The invitation

You are invited to take a leap of faith and let go of old certainties. Staying here may 'trigger' you to certain themes. I offer you an emotionally safe place during your stay where everything that presents itself to you can be there. Conversations and sessions about what arises contribute to your process in an organic way. You are welcome to join various activities organized by the Healing Community that I have had the pleasure of meeting around Tomar. 

 The Stay

You will stay in a remote location 30 kilometers from the Templar town of Tomar. You have access to your own space, with a spacious bed, kitchen, shower and toilet. We coordinate the meals together. The duration of the stay depends on your own possibilities. In general, the Organic Retreat has a greater effect with a longer stay. 





The Organic Retreat is an investment in the most important connection you have: the one with your Self. You make costs for the trip to Portugal. You value the stay and the retreat itself according to your own ability and insight. Experience shows that people who come into contact with their 'Healthy Self' and their 'Inner Authority' can very well determine the value themselves.

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