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The Path of the Templar

Men Retreat in Portugal

Rediscover your Masculine Potential

April 13th -20th 7, 2024

Seven Men. Seven days. Seven Initiations

The Path of the Knights Templar is an intensive seven-day program for men in the heart of Portugal. Together we will look for healthy masculinity. We connect with the original male archetypes. Being vulnerable you will rediscover your strength. All this will happen in a very organic and natural way. 

The Templar

The Knights Templar were a medieval order of knighthood. They had a base in Tomar. This town has a strong attraction to me. The penny dropped during a visit to the Castle of the Knights Templar. "I have something to do here." First of all in myself. The first nine months in Portugal have contributed to a transformation, that opened my heart.  I've come home to myself and to the heart of Portugal. I like to share this experience with fellow brothers.

The program

The program will be a reflection of the process I went through inside. From 'Head to Heart'. From 'Plan to Presence'.

Each day will be dedicated to a specific theme and archetype. They cannot be seen separately from each other and ultimately bring us to the Holy Grail: the union of the male and female principle in our Self.

The themes and archetypes will be brought to life in a natural way in the form of exercises and methods.  Nothing is planned on forehand. The week will unfold in the moment and in connection with each other.

Day 1:Initiation of The Birth - the Innocent

Day 2: Initiation of Love - the Lover

Day 3:Initiation of Courage - the Knight

Day 4:Initiation of the Kingdom- the King

Day 5:Initiation of Truth - the Jester

Day 6:Initiation of the Transformation - the Shaman

Day 7: Initiation of the Holy Grail - the Saint

 The Accomodation

We stay the whole week in an authentic and remote accommodation near Tomar. Here we enjoy a beautiful environment and all the ingredients are literally and figuratively present to support the program. The participants will have access to a shared double bedroom. Three organic meals a day are included in the price.


The program requires an internal and external investment in yourself. You are willing to face yourself and let go of control. The financial investment is 999 euros. In addition, you must arrange your own transport to Portugal.

Early Bird Price: participants that register before December 31rd pay a discount price of 777 euro

The Yield

You do not know in advance what the program will bring you. There are no guarantees. You are invited and facilitated to explore your purpose and discover the truth about your Self. The connection to your heart can be aligned, if you are willing to welcome any feelings that are touched. In that case you can disover a deep-rooted trust.

To Register

There are a limited number of places available. After a deposit of 200 euros, a place in the program will be reserved for you. The full amount must be received no later than August 15. 

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