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Primal Parenthood

Primal Parenthood

Primal Parenthood stands for fulfillment of the original needs. Activating the Primordial Parent within yourself means truly taking responsibility. Looking in the mirror. Awareness of the projections from one's own childhood. Return the bill firmly and lovingly. Free from family patterns, really support your children. To be a safe primeval beacon.



Our distant ancestors have passed on their self-evident wisdom for generations. They fed, cared for and bore their children in a natural way. Much of this ancient wisdom has been lost in modern, hectic times. We go back to the laws of nature. And dismantle the education of the latter centuries. We return the bill firmly and lovingly.  



Primal Parenthood changes everything in your life. Your priorities become clear. You stand for your family. Love will flow again. You empower your children. The support you receive from us is an investment in your offspring that will pay for itself in spades.

The annual group training consists of five three-hour meetings. The price is 499 euros.

You can also opt for five 1-on-1 support sessions. The price is 499 euros.

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It takes a village.....

If you wish to activate the Primordial Parent within yourself, we form the community that will support you in this. You can opt for 1-on-1 guidance or follow the annual training. We create your community during five meetings. With us you can hitch a ride to one in complete safetyauthoritative way of raising children. Equal and in coordination with your child.


Primal Parenting Plan

Between meetings you will bring the Primordial Parent to life in your family. All aspects of life receive attention. Nutrition, sleep, development, emotion regulation, attunement, From the cradle to the grave. Everything becomes different. Not because you have to, but because you don't want anything else anymore. Primal Parenthood contains the connection you have been looking for all your life.


How further?

Becoming a primal parent is a process. You have taken a courageous step. And now you want Through. There may not yet be many Primordial Parents around you. Society tests you every now and then. We remain available to support and inspire you even after your first steps.

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