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Soul Split

A lot comes our way in life. Early childhood is intense. We survive by psychological antics. We repress difficult and painful experiences. We twist the harsh reality into a more acceptable version. Escaping reality does come at a price. We always lose a piece of the original Self.



Finding lost soul parts is via vibration, sound, acupressure and

natural medicines. Body and psyche have a natural will to heal. Sabina masters the intuitive the art of clearing emotional blockages with you. The life energy can flow again. You primal melody sounds.



Healing restores the life force.  Your original life energy returns. You discover your true talents. You get into your own flow and start manifesting.


The support you receive from us is an investment in yourself that will pay for itself twofold.

You pay 549 euros for the six supportive sessions of one and a half hours.



Through the Soul Split are we going to survive instead of living fully. We lose natural spontaneity, curiosity and zest for life. The Primal Will is broken. To serve the Will to heallost parts to be found. The shamanic sessions with Sabina are a loving confrontation in this process. 



Between sessions you give released emotions space.  You learn to stay with it. Letting go of the old pattern of repression and numbing. You embrace what presents itself. And breathes through it. Only then can you expect sustainable change.


How further?

Soul Retrieval is a process that lifetime continues. Once the first soul parts recovered, you will enjoy this process. It's just a matter of continuing to follow the current. We remain available to support you even after the process.

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